NIR-II fluorescent surgical imaging, diagnostics and photodynamic therapeutics using EagleEye Biosciences platform new chemical entity agents and surgical workstation gives micron and sub-micron-scale resolutions, which are ultra-high resolutions that are not possible for example by X-ray-based CT imaging, MRI, PET, or current standard ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging modalities. 

The penetration depth of our EagleEye NIR-II fluorescence imaging is up to 4mm for sub-10mm resolution and a centimeter for tens of microns resolution, which is significantly deeper than multi-photon imaging and is comparable to photoacoustic imaging (1-2 mm).  

Moreover, our proprietary NIR-II fluorescence imaging product does not cause any adverse effects to live mammalian organism including human organs as a result of using infrared light with intensities well below the safety limit.