Eagle Eye Bioscience’s products include a proprietary intra-operative, real-time, surgical imaging workstation device product, being marketed and sold with companion proprietary NIR-II imaging, immunodiagnostic and photodynamic therapeutic (PDT) reagent kit and therapeutic (Rx) and diagnostic (Dx) agent products, respectively.

These reagent kits and Rx/Dx agents will be used to:

Differentiate normal from abnormal tissue with high sensitivity and specificity showing optical imaging reproducibility and unambiguous delineation of tumor tissues from non-tumor tissues in vivo in situ (see Value Proposition below). The Company NIR-II products increase survival and improve the quality of life in experimental mouse patients by:

  1. Debulking of widely infiltrative tumors in critical organs
  2. Increasing the sensitivity and detection of small numbers of residual tumor cells
  3. Reducing normal tissue damage
  4. Reducing removal of normal tissues
  5. Decreasing patient reoperation rates for residual tumor cell removal, resulting in increased patients’ survival times and decreased surgical complications.

Eagle Eye Biosciences licensed issued US Patents from Stanford University and has developed and is perfecting multiple pending patent applications.